About Us


Jomita is an educational consultant, higher education administrator, and early childhood minister and, E’mar, a former Texas Rangers minor league pitcher turned high school and Travel baseball coach and collegiate law enforcement officer. They married over a decade ago and built a life together based on a love of God, family, and baseball.

With a son rising through the ranks of travel baseball, they spend a lot of time at the field, on the road, and with lots of other baseball families. The families they have met is one of the most rewarding aspects of their travel baseball experience.

With her heart for children and their faith formation, love of all things college, and desire to make college accessible to low-income, first generation youth, Jomita spends a lot of time thinking about the children that are missing out on the travel sports experience and level of competition. E'mar is the ultimate philanthropist and when coaching youth travel and private school baseball, he lived in the gap that Move the Runner was created to bridge. This is where Move the Runner (MtR) began.

MtR exists to provide opportunities for low-income, first generation youth to explore their faith and God-given talent, receive financial support to play the sport they love, and experience coaching with an educational consultant who specializes in College Advising and Retention to carve out a path for them to attend college as a student-athlete in an effort to end the cycle of poverty.

Please consider joining us as we take small steps in eradicating poverty one student in one family in one season at a time.